El Cajon Watch: Hope and “Change” and Lincoln Club Mail

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Ben Kalasho is raising a ruckus in El Cajon, while challenging incumbent Councilmembers Bob McClellan and Bill Wells, and appointed incumbent Tony Ambrose. The Kalasho ruckus is not so much over his chances, but his background. He believes in change, lots of it.

He ran for Santee City Council two years ago and lost. He was registered as an independent.

Earlier this year he applied for a vacancy on the council in neighboring El Cajon, after quickly “moving” to be eligible. At this point, he became a Republican. When he was checking into the process to apply for the council vacancy, insiders say he apparently had to call back later with the information when asked for his address. Whether that’s true or not, such a story is driven by his transiency, both in the residency as well as the political party department.

Kalasho is now a Dem, with the backing of the San Diego Democratic Party.

Two cities and three parties in two years. Please someone ask him to confirm any of this, if he will speak the truth.

Oh, this can be confirmed with the Registrar of Voters.

Let’s look for this chameleon to be running in 2014 as a Green Party candidate in La Mesa. Or, maybe before that if someone dies in office somewhere. Kalasho may keep voter registration forms in his car, just in case.

In the meantime, the Lincoln Club notes some of the rest of his “history”…

Not Trustworthy


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  1. Kalasho = Poor judgment, smear-tactics, distorts the truth and is ‘always’ the victim — he should be ashamed of himself.
    Go Incumbents !!!

  2. Ben? Didn’t this guy used to go by a different name. I’m certain I have heard another first name than “Ben” associated with this candidate before.

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