Breaking: UT Budget Cuts Said to Result in Dismissal of Editorial Writer Don Sevrens, three Editors

Greg Larkin Greg Larkin


SD Rostra has confirmed from several credible sources that a small round of San Diego U-T budget cuts today included the dismissal of longtime editorial writer Don Sevrens.  A few other faces are said to have been removed as part of an ongoing reorganization, including Editors David Ogul, Catherine Snapp and Nancy Wyld.  Sources contacted at the U-T could not discuss the matter, while Sevrens could not be reached for comment.

The absence of Sevrens, who in recent years went from doing hard editorials in specific sub-regions of the county to trying to cover just about every corner of the region with the rest of the small ed staff, speaks to the continued sad decline of what was once a newspaper institution in San Diego.  It remains to be seen whether Sevrens will be replaced by a green, lowly-paid ed writer, or the non-existent slack will be sucked up by remaining writers such as William Osborne and Chris Reed.

The highly knowledgeable Sevrens could on occasion be obsessively opinionated about some issues, but more often than not gave a fair and thorough hearing in his research and writing, while covering a lot of ground. He in particular editorialized very fairly on the issue of pension reform.  His frustration in recent years with trying to do so much, and do it well, with so little time and resources, can only be imagined.

At Rostra, we can only hope that today’s move gives him some small sigh of relief from that frustration. But, when one loses a job, that probably means very little.

We wish Mr. Sevrens well.