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Latest from the County Republican Party…

Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 3rd at 9 AM three Republican (!!) County Supervisors will vote to drastically curtail the free speech rights of our Party, severely limiting our ability to elect Republicans in general and those in marginal districts in particular.

It saddens me to have to call out fellow Republicans Greg Cox, Ron Roberts, and Dianne Jacob but considering this assault I have no choice.

A couple of developments…

1) I’ve heard from still more substantial leaders in our county expressing profound disappointment with this new law which will only elevate narrow special interests and unions.

2) Keep the calls going. So far Dianne Jacob has received 191 (!!) calls in opposition. Full contact info at the end of this email. Call or email them TODAY and demand they vote No tomorrow.

3) Another article appeared in opposition this morning. This time from former U-T North County Editorial Writer Tom Arnold:

Commentary: Supervisors Nuke Chance Of Fair Elections

4) A mail piece dropped across the county today to Republican grass roots activists, business leaders, and elected officials, calling out Dianne Jacob for her attack on our Party.

Take a look at it.

Too much is at stake to have self-serving politicians thwart the ability of the center-right coalition to advance freedom and a healthy business climate in San Diego County.

All that said, can you come to the County Board of Supervisors meeting tomorrow at 1600 Pacific Highway, Room 310 in Downtown San Diego? The meeting starts at 9 AM but we are asking everyone to arrive no later than 8:30 AM. You don’t need to speak, but everyone can turn in a slip in opposition and sit in the audience as they vote against us.

Can you come?

Tony Krvaric
CHAIRMAN (volunteer)
Republican Party of San Diego County
Croatian by blood, Swedish by birth, American by choice

PS. If you’re thinking “Meh, this doesn’t affect me (or my organization) that much” then I would remind you of this quote from Benjamin Franklin: “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” Rest assured, this is a BIG DEAL and a tectonic shift towards more union power in San Diego County.



Greg Cox, District 1
Tel: (619) 531-5511

Dianne Jacob, District 2
Tel: (619) 531-5522

Ron Roberts, District 4
Tel: (619) 531-5544


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  1. “I’ve heard from still more substantial leaders in our county expressing profound disappointment with this new law which will only elevate narrow special interests and unions.”

    How exactly does this elevate unions?

  2. This is like eating your own.
    No wonder people are leaving the party.
    Adds real meaning to the term RINO

  3. The real shame here is that the supes feel the need to protect themselves from their own party…because they hired the wrong consultant.

    But introspection has never been Krvaric’s strong suit. But hey, at least voter registration number and electoral outcomes were better in 2014 than 2004. Oh wait…

  4. Those poor County Supervisors. THEY are the victims in all of this. What choice did they have?

    I hope you’re all happy San Diego. You’ve really hurt the Board’s feelings here.

  5. “But introspection has never been Krvaric’s strong suit.”

    Tony is dead-on correct here. I’ll offer praise as liberally as I offer criticism– I hope Tony Krvaric takes MORE stands like this one.

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