Gabriella Hoffman, Chair of Young Americans for Freedom at UCSD, introduces David Horowitz!

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Introduction Speech for David Horowitz by Gabriella Hoffman, Chairwoman of YAF at UCSD!

May 11, 2010

I had the pleasure of introducing the amazing and wonderful conservative activist, David Horowitz!

I felt very inspired by his work, and the courage he has to stand against those crazies that want to rid of us Jews from the face of this earth.

Here is the link, be sure to subscribe to my channel on YouTube! Thanks:

Gabriella Hoffman\’s Opening Speech for David Horowitz at UCSD


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  1. That was a great event capped by two Muslim women at the end, one who said she supported Hamas policy that wanted all Jews in Israel so they wouldn’t have to hunt them down world wide and another who equated our Founding Fathers with the 911 terrorists. I got it on film, we got it on Video. Should be on Hannity tonight!

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