Full Transparency Needed in City’s Five-Year Financial Outlook

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Yesterday, the City’s Five-Year financial outlook was presented to the Budget and Financial committee meeting and I was very disappointed to see that the true infrastructure deficit was excluded from the City’s financial forecasts.

If the full infrastructure deficit is not included I fear that our roads and infrastructure will continue to fall into further disrepair since the City Council would not have an accurate monetary target that reflects the needs of San Diego Communities.

Once again, City leaders are ignoring the problem of crumbling streets and failing infrastructure and hoping that the problem will solve itself. Unfortunately, that’s simply not a reality if we do not account for ongoing maintenance of our streets, water pipes, parks and other city facilities.

Last month I released the “Save Our Streets” action plan which called for a full disclosure by the Mayor’s office of the total infrastructure deficit in five-year forecasts.  Additional reforms include an “Infrastructure Lock Box” to fund street repairs without the need to put the City further into debt with bonds. The plan also includes management and policy changes.  These changes will allow our City to finally implement a responsible street repair strategy.

The Budget and Finance committee will focus on infrastructure needs at its upcoming Nov. 2nd meeting where I will continue to push for a comprehensive street repair and maintenance policy.

To view my full “Save Our Streets” Action Plan click here: http://www.sandiego.gov/citycouncil/cd5/pdf/news/2011/savestreetsactionplan.pdf


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