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Four-fold increase in CA business departures

The numbers are in. Our departure rate for California businesses QUADRUPLED in 2010, compared to 2009. And there’s little sign of this trend reversing.

Below is a brief summation from the Carpe Diem website. I strongly recommend you get their free daily email update.

In the short Carpe Diem article below is a link to the more detailed story.

204 Businesses Left California in 2010, That’s Four Times the Number in 2009, and Sets A New Record

According to relocation expert Joe Vranich, a record-setting number of business – 204 in total – left California in 2010, or re-directed substantial capital to build facilities in other states that would have expanded in California in earlier, more business-friendly years (see chart above). That number of businesses leaving California is four times the number of businesses that left in 2009 (51).

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