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Fletcher’s Very Very Very Very Bad Week

From County Republican Chairman Tony Krvaric’s email to “San Diego Leadership Team” members yesterday. Reprinted with permission.

The week started out great for Republicans, as we emerged united behind Kevin Faulconer for San Diego mayor, and continued all week as impressive endorsements started rolling in for Kevin.

By contrast, the campaign of Nathan Fletcher AKA “The Magic Democrat” had a VERY VERY VERY VERY BAD week.

Let’s look at it day by day…

Chief in the Fletcher camp’s calculations was the assumption that Carl DeMaio would run for Mayor. When he didn’t and Kevin Faulconer emerged as the consensus candidate, that took a LOT of wind out their sails. Now they are scrambling to find mean things to say about Kevin. Good luck!

With much fanfare, the Fletcher campaign invited media to witness him filing his candidacy papers, only to get turned away at the City Clerk because they they hadn’t set an appointment. What was meant to be a good media hit turned into a disaster, coming across arrogant – and incompetent.

The Fletcher campaign counted on the Labor Council’s former head Lorena Gonzalez to keep other Democrats out of the race. Democrats aren’t buying what he is selling and Councilman David Alvarez entered the race for mayor – announcing 15 minutes before Gonzalez’ awkward press conference.

10News exposed Fletcher’s Qualcomm position for what it is; a placeholder while he awaits his next pursuit. He collects $400,000 per year to “sit on boards and give speeches.” Give me a break. Oh, and he hasn’t showed up for work in weeks – just like he skipped work in the State Assembly. “Nathan Fletcher Confronts Questions And Concerns On His Qualcomm Job

Gonzalez being so aggressive about pushing Fletcher on local unions, progressives and Democrats blew up in her face and Jim Mahler, the Teachers Union boss took her to task in an open letter which is a must read in and of itself. “Fletcher Endorsement Reveals Labor Rift

Finally, around 9 p.m. on Friday, the Labor Council announced their endorsement of Councilman David Alvarez for Mayor. Fletcher had been working it all week, but in the end they realized that he is completely vapid and just cannot be trusted. “Alvarez Gets Labor Council Nod

This race has completely flipped this week. Political chameleon Nathan Fletcher is about to get squeezed from the right (San Diego GOP) but also from the left (San Diego Labor Council) and what seemed unlikely a week ago now seems quite possible; that he doesn’t even make the runoff.

The U-T’s Mark Walker captures it well in his article “A Sudden Reversal In Mayor’s Race.”

The Party will take up the endorsement of Kevin Faulconer on Monday at the Town & Country Hotel at 6 p.m. Come join us as we officially get behind Kevin. Everyone is welcome.

Note: This morning Nathan Fletcher sent out an email to his supporters with the Subject “Great week” seemingly in an attempt to respond. I find it weak. Read it for yourself.

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