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Fletcher, the best politician in San Diego County

By Michael Schwartz

County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher is, by far, the best politician in the county.
He is in the minority on a five person board, he is rarely right, and he gets exactly what he wants any time he wants it.

There is literally not a single Republican on any level who can match wits with him and there is no Republican (or Democrat) in office in San Diego that comes close to being as good at their job.

Republicans won’t stand up to him. They barely criticize him. They don’t dare question him. It is truly amazing and something to be admired.

I know many of you will think I am joking, but I am not and it is not funny. It is truly a sad commentary and yet another example of why my Republican friends just won’t win. I am positive there are elected Republicans reading this right now and taking offense.


You are losing. Do something about it. No, don’t tell me “we” are losing. First, I am not a Republican. Second, your Republican followers are doing their part. They got you where you are and foolishly expect you to do your job. It’s on you.

Congratulations Nathan Fletcher. I do not agree with you and dislike your lack of character, but you are doing an amazing job of leading and absolutely destroying Republicans left and right. Just keep getting what you want. Nobody has a set big enough to stand up to you or stand up for their voters, let alone stop the likes of you.

These are Mr. Schwartz’s personal views. Hate mail can be sent to

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