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Five Reasons To Vote For Phil Graham in the 76th Assembly District

I am encouraging every voter in Vista, Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Encinitas to vote for Phil Graham in the 76th Assembly District.  His Republican opponents are two people for whom I have a great deal of respect but these are the five reasons to vote for Phil Graham tomorrow:

1- Phil will never raise your taxes.  Ever.  “Taxed Enough Already” used to be a core principle for Republicans but many have strayed in the past few years.  Phil signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and knows how to say “no” to the union-controlled Democrats.

2- Phil raised more money than every single other candidate in the race.  Moreover, Phil is the only full time candidate in this election.  This isn’t a school board race; a California Assembly member represents over 400,000 people.  It takes money and an “all-in” commitment to win.

3- Phil plans to win back the Assembly majority.  No other Republican is planning for the opportunity California Republicans will have when the Janus decision is ruled on by SCOTUS.  It’s not enough to realize that the Democrats’ major funding source will be greatly diminished.  Identifying which business donors have been”on the sidelines” is paramount.  Phil knows who these donors are and how to solicit their support.

4- Phil supports military veterans.  His actions back up his words.  As a private citizen, Phil raised money and volunteered for veterans organizations because he knows that our nation could be attacked at any given moment.  He appreciates the men and women who raise their hands and volunteer to stand a post, walk a patrol, or place themselves between tyrants and free people.

5- Phil is the front runner and the unions know he is the candidate to beat.  SEIU, the AFL-CIO, and The California Labor Federation are running attack ads with factually incorrect (but salacious) claims about Phil.  Public sector unions fear Phil Graham because they know he is a Republican who won’t be scared to stand up to them, and tell them no.

I support Phil because of his principles but, for conservative North County voters, you should also understand that Phil is the most electable Republican in the District.   Advancing Phil to the run off pits a brawler against Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher’s’ hand-picked, public union-backed candidate.  This is Gonzalez-Fletcher’s last stand before the SCOTUS decision and Phil Graham is her worst nightmare.  This is why we need to send Phil to Sacramento.

Vote for Phil Graham tomorrow.  California’s future depends on it.

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