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  1. OK. I realize that all is fair in love and politics and I also agree that no company is beyond criticism.

    But is anyone else just a bit queasy about this attack add? On the whole, how can any conclude that San Diego isn’t a LOT better off because of Qualcomm’s success and the philanthropic bent of their top leadership?

    Have they made stumbles? Sure. Who hasn’t. And the whole Nathan thing does sit poorly in my craw. But they have been generous in sharing the wealth with their employees in respect to options, extremely generous with personal and corporate donations and, I think on the whole, have made San Diego a better (not worse) place to live. I wish cooler heads had prevailed at the Lincoln club when it came to this.

  2. I like it. It’s important for people to know that Fletcher is bought and paid for. Sure, the Jacobs have done a lot of great things, but that shouldn’t include purchasing a mayor.

  3. gopmom,

    Does your concern for someone “purchasing a mayor” carry over to Jerry Sanders, Bill Geppert, Tom Sudberry and the rest of the inner circle that decided that Kevin Faulconer should be the only Republican candidate for Mayor?

  4. I guess this mailer is designed to convince Democrats that Fletcher isn’t one of them and they should vote for Alvarez instead. I guess the idea is to help Alvarez defeat Fletcher in the Primary because the Lincoln Club thinks the “too liberal” Alvarez will be easy to beat in the General Election.

    Forgive me if I think I saw this movie before and it didn’t turn out very well for the Lincoln Club.

  5. can you tell me where the Lincoln Club made an endorsement in last year’s mayoral primary or even made an expenditure in it for any candidate?

  6. Hypocrisy, I don’t recall any of those other people giving a candidate a made up job with a $400k salary to sit in a holding pattern with the cash to run again. Maybe it has happened and I don’t know about it.

    As far as Falconer goes, he at least has name and face recognition. To me he appears mild mannered and gets along well with others. Is he a perfect candidate? No, but I am satisfied with the choice.

    Just for the record, I would vote for Alvarez over Fletcher any day of the week.

  7. Post

    For the record, the Fletcher campaign has said the $400k is not actual, that the salary is $220k and that Fletcher told the UT that. We don’t know if any of the numbers reported anywhere include anything else such as options, benefits, and/or other compensation.

  8. Fletcher will soon find out that facts are a stubborn thing…and that your actions matter.

    Fletcher has to be considered a burden on Qualcomm, at least a political burden.

  9. I’m going to assume that the attack messages in this piece were polled, focus grouped, and otherwise tested before being used, so I won’t question that they are probably the right ones. But coming out of the gate negative?

    Academic research has pretty much shown that negative campaigning reduces turnout. Typically, that favors the candidate with better name id (Fletcher). Maybe that was tested too and is not the case in this race – but if it wasn’t, it’ll be the political equivalent of the Sanchez butt-fumble.

  10. And hats off to DM consultant: that is a great looking piece. Got some nice, angry looking red colors, and the tux/champagne image with the sleazy smile is perfect.

  11. QH,

    Clever handle!

    I do not know whether the Lincoln Club contributed to DeMaio’s Primary campaign, but I do know that DeMaio worked hard to make sure that every Democrat knew that Filner, not Fletcher was the one they should be voting for in the Primary.

    I think it is obvious that DeMaio and his supporters thought Filner would be easier to beat than Fletcher in the General Election. I also know that The Lincoln Club contributed to DeMaio’s General Election campaign and probably weren’t too happy to find out that the “too liberal” candidate was tougher to beat than they had imagined.

  12. gopmom,

    He “appears mild mannered…” I guess that is as good a reason as any to support a candidate these days.

    More to the point, you seem way too intelligent to think for a second that the inner circle that removed all of Faulconer’s Republican competition is not going to expect something in return if their man gets elected.

  13. Just checking, but isn’t the Lincoln Club one of San Diego’s top supporters of business?

    Does it make any sense for them to be bashing the company that is probably San Diego’s most successful home grown business?

  14. Negative campaigning works. It’s the way Democrats get elected in San Diego. Remember Filner lying about Gunny Pop’s not voting in elections which helped get Filner re-elected to Congress, and Filner saying Carl DeMaio and his partner Jonathan Hale caused the damage to the Koi Pond in Balboa Park, a clever ploy to paint him as a gay troublemaker. Even good ol’ HQ insinuating in the above response that Faulconer will be bought and paid for. So the Dems don’t like it when we do it to point out the truth about someone like Nathan Fletcher. Frankly, we need to do more of it because it’s effective.

  15. I don’t consider this an unfair ad at all…unlike what the Dems usually do. It states the facts. The fact is that Fletcher would love to erase his record, but can’t. He and his campaign knows that his switching on so many issues makes him look like an opportunistic phoney. They are now praying that his opponents fall for the “focus on the issues not the person” crap.

    Not a chance. Each candidate should have to answer for their actions. And for that matter, Qualcomm should also have to answer for their actions because they put themselves in this position.

  16. Politics as usual in San Diego. Fletcher will best represent San Diego. I am voting for Fletcher.

  17. I think I like pretty darn sharp in this picture if I don’t say so myself. At least it’s not black and white like most political hate mail. I’ll bet I get a couple ladies voting for me just because of my $400k smile (let’s call it 220k plus some friendly benefits!).

    Don’t forget….
    Fletcher For Mayor 2014!
    Governor 2018!!
    President 2024!!!!

    As I said note, I wanted to give a special acknowledgement to the Qualcomm Pocket Power Calculator, which can be acquired any of our sovereign err soveneighr, souveneer (is that you how spell it, my speellcheck is broken!) booths. Without this handy device, I never would have been able to prove I was real and publish this comment!


  18. Post


    “Anonymity through the use of pseudo-names or handles is allowed, but commenters should use the same name for every comment entry, so as to not falsely appear to be more than one person commenting on the same or several matters. Select a name and stick with it.

    “Some also believe they are being cute by selecting a handle specifically matched to their comment, such as commenting on Councilman Smith under the name “Smith is a Clown.” That’s not a name and falsely assumes the commenter will be using that same name for every future comment, even when the topic isn’t Councilman Smith. Such comments will be changed to ‘Anonymous’ by administrators.”

    Which we did. Thanks.

  19. Democrats have been decimating our gun rights in Sacramento. California taxes and regulations have been driving good employers from our state. Obama and the DC Democrats refuse to negotiate (talk) until the Republicans cave in and pass legislation against their values. Obamacare has been altered and changed with Executive Orders by Obama with no talks or negotiations with Republicans. Fight back against this Democrat hegemony by voting Republican in the San Diego Mayor race. Would you like a Concealed Carry Weapons permit? Would you like Christmas on the Prado? Would you like off shore drilling that would crank up our economy and create untold new jobs, putting all our citizens back to work. Lincoln Pickard, that’s me, will be working on these issues with your vote. San Diego can be a boom town with safe streets and communities with your liberty intact, if you are ready to pray, talk and vote for it.

  20. I just went to the Lincoln Club website to look something up before making a snarky comment, but the site is down. Their server’s aren’t using Qualcomm equipment, are they?

  21. Lincoln,

    One correction to your rant – Republicans are not being asked to cave in and pass legislation against their values. They are simply being asked to pass a continuing resolution, at the dollar figure they wanted, to keep all parts of the federal government open.

    Some of those dollars will in fact go to fund a law with which many of them probably don’t agree. However, that law was passed by the House of Representatives, passed by the Senate, signed by the President and confirmed as constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.

  22. “Some of those dollars will in fact go to fund a law with which many of them probably don’t agree. However, that law was passed by the House of Representatives, passed by the Senate, signed by the President and confirmed as constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

    As it Article 1 Section 7 of the Constitution which, numerically speaking, precedes Section 8 (which gives Congress the power to tax). I’m quite sure this was by design.

    This is how governance is supposed to happen

  23. Brian,

    I am not sure whether you are saying the original law was passed the way “governance is supposed to happen” or that refusing to fund legally enacted laws that you disagree is the way “governance is supposed to happen.”

  24. Both. Our system of checks and balances instructs Congress to fund only that which it deems necessary. Governance is about prioritizing and making choices.

    eg— The 98th and 99th Congress were a thorn in Reagan’s side, denying funding for many “legally authorized” programs. From that, we got the TRA of 1986

    It’s messy but it works.

  25. “Not sure what your definition of “it works” is.”

    Our system of divided powers and checks and balances. Heck, I’m frustrated that these sort of confrontations didn’t happen BEFORE Vietnam (notably during the New Deal and Great Society) but, all things considered, I like that radical growth in government can be checked.

  26. Brian,

    “Radical growth” is not the only thing that can be checked. What is to stop the Democrats from shutting down the government (including our military and Border Patrol) unless they get universal background checks for all gun purchases or a path to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants or a huge tax increase on “the wealthy” or…

  27. “What is to stop the Democrats from shutting down the government…”

    The people who elect them, of course. That’s how this system, which I say “works”, works. It would probably be better if we had a manual for good government which defines what Congress can and can’t do…

    …oh wait.

  28. Mole,

    Erasers are fine and if you want to change a law, there is a mechanism to so. The House and Senate both vote for the change, the President signs the change and, if challenged, the Supreme Court upholds the Constitutionality of the change.

  29. Hypo Q

    The power of the purse rests in the House per the Constitution. If you want to change the Constitution you need to amend it. If you currently want to fund socialized medicine try the legal way: elect a socialized House.

  30. Mole,

    Explain to me how the Affordable Care Act is socialized medicine and after you do that, explain why the Heritage Foundation would have come up with the idea in the first place.

  31. “Explain to me how the Affordable Care Act is socialized medicine ”

    1- redistributive tax structure “premiums” pricing based upon income
    2- captured market with limited providers
    3- heavy regulation

    Perhaps it is better described as fascism but, without out a doubt, Obamacare is a collectivist scheme based on three of the pillars of Marxism

  32. Brian,

    1. You can say the same for much if not most of our society. The ACA is certainly not unique in this regard.

    2. The number of providers is not limited by the law. Any insurance company can be a provider.

    3. Seriously? Compared to the food industry, manufacturing or even the health care industry?

  33. Hypo Q.

    “Explain to me how the Affordable Care Act is socialized medicine”
    Socialism is state ownership and /or control of distribution of property, goods and services and the people who receive them. The ACA is created to control national distribution of medical goods, services and the people who receive them using a law with over 380,000 words and regulations with over 11,500,000 words to begin with. The marriage of government and industry is fascism. Makes no difference if it is a shot gun wedding. Yes Hypo, ACA is socialized medicine.

    Heritage came up with an ACA from which you well know they recanted. They could confess their error, use an eraser and move on. Democrat Socialists saw an opportunity, bastardized it and sycophants cluck “Ain’t no Socialists in here. Just us Conservative Heritage Foundationists”. Apparently, Socialists have no pride in their socialism.

    Explain to me why you believe Democrat Socialism is any different than Republican Socialism.

  34. Mole,

    Socialism is socialism and the ACA isn’t socialism. The ACA requires individuals to buy health insurance from private health providers. There isn’t even an option to buy from the government.

    This isn’t the only expense mandated by the government and virtually every business and busines transaction in this country is regulated by the government. Why the incredible angst over the ACA?

  35. “1. You can say the same for much if not most of our society. The ACA is certainly not unique in this regard.”

    Tu quoque fallacy

    “2. The number of providers is not limited by the law. Any insurance company can be a provider.”

    Tell that to the State of CA Dept of Insurance. Moreover, the market defines what insurance “is” and what it “can not be”. That is a captured market

    “3. Seriously? Compared to the food industry, manufacturing or even the health care industry?”

    Another tu quoque fallacy. I”m trying to find ways to make insurance cheaper and better, not to lower the bar

  36. Red,

    The old slippery slope argument, eh? I guess the insurance companies are soon to lose out on the auto insurance and homeowners insurance business too.

  37. Hypo Q:

    Your “reason” that you are entitled to support socialist medicine without calling it socialist medicine because some other big government activity does not have the word socialist embedded in its’ originating legislation title. C’mon on now. Put on your big boy pants, standup, give a shout out,” I am Socialist, I am proud and I am loud.”

    Now, explain to me why you believe Democrat Socialism is any different from Republican Socialism.

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