Filner and Marijuana

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I should have known.  First, let me say that I am in favor of all forms of legalizing marijuana, so of course, I am not opposed to medical marijuana.  I followed the link on this tweet from Craig Gustafson to read about Bob Filner’s medical marijuana proposal:

The linked U-T story opens with this paragraph:

Mayor Bob Filner is proposing an ordinance to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in commercial and industrial areas for a $5,000 annual permit fee and a 2 percent city tax on sales.

It seems that Mayor Filner can’t help himself but grab for more tax dollars even when doing something I agree with (see previous post on hotel tax).  However, given the fact that there is serious contention with the federal government over the issue, taxing the product provides an incentive for the city to help protect the dispensaries from federal action.  I don’t know to what extent the city could help the dispensaries if the feds took action, but the accumulation of resistance to federal enforcement of marijuana laws, like is happening in Colorado and Washington, will eventually roll back this modern form of prohibition.


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