Faulconer to Review Over 300 Recommendations to Improve City Operations and Boost Efficiencies

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Audit Committee to also consider proposal that could recover up to $500,000 from payment errors


Have an idea to fix City Hall and save taxpayer dollars? The independent City Auditor has over 300.

This morning at 9:00 at City Hall, Council President Pro Tem Kevin Faulconer — chair of the City Audit Committee —  will be reviewing 313 recommendations to save tax dollars and improve City of San Diego operations. 176 recommendations from independent City Auditor Eduardo Luna have not been implemented, with some dating back to 2008. Faulconer will be pushing the City to follow through on putting these ideas into effect.

The recommendations touch on issues throughout City government, such preventing undisclosed bonuses at the Southeastern Development Corporation (SEDC), reducing water- and sewer-main breaks, better coordinating street repair between City departments and conducting more analysis to avoid future Qualcomm Stadium legal settlements between the City and Chargers.

Here is the full advisory:

SAN DIEGO — Today, City Council President Pro Tem Kevin Faulconer, chair of the City Audit Committee, will examine 313 ideas to improve City operations, as well as a proposal to contract with an expert firm to recover tax dollars the City is owed. The hearing begins at 9 AM in the City Administration Building 12th Floor Committee Room at 202 C Street downtown.

“These recommendations from the independent City Auditor can improve City operations and save tax dollars,” said Faulconer. “I will be pushing to ensure the City follows through and implements these ideas.”

The recommendations offer solutions to increase effectiveness, accountability and transparency for City functions such as street repair, Qualcomm Stadium management and redevelopment.

A report from independent City Auditor Eduardo Luna reveals that of 295 outstanding recommendations from 45 different audits issued since 2008:

• 79 recommendations were implemented (27%);
• 25 recommendations were partly implemented (8%);
• 176 recommendations were not implemented (60%);
• 2 recommendations were not implemented because they are no longer applicable (1%);
• 13 recommendations were not implemented because City management disagreed (4%)

A separate City Auditor report released Tuesday offers 18 recommendations to more effectively manage water and sewer capital improvement projects. The changes aim to better prioritize repairs and could help reduce water- and sewer-main breaks.

The Audit Committee is also expected to vote on a proposal to hire a private firm to inspect City contracts and payments and recover any overpayments or money owed. The Independent Budget Analyst estimates $500,000 of revenue could be recovered by July 2012.



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  1. $26 million dollars of CCDC’s Tax Sharing Payments that could be used to solve our Veterans Homeless, Drug/Alcohol, Mental Illness Supportive housing problems have been siting in a County of San Diego bank account since 1992.

    The Centre City Redevelopment Agreement Trust Fund (66117) has yet to pay the September 2011 bill of $9 million more into the Trust. Next year in September 2012 CCDC’s annual Tax Sharing Payments with the County move up to $18 million every year. This is free money that has never been touch for its intended purpose in the last 19 years.


    Over a year ago on September 17, 2010, Councilmembers Carl DeMaio and Donna Frye requested the City Auditor investigate CCDC Tax Sharing Payments to the County.

    If City and County elected officials had motivation, this new $26 million siting as part of the County of San Diego’s $1 Billion in Reserves, we could shelter everyone before it starts raining on Wednesday. Please schedule the needed Audit. Specifically because the City Attorney is not allowing the City’s Ad-Hoc Redevelopment Agency to meet to discuss the 1992 Agreement for Cooperation, and cancelled the planned September 2011 meeting where the issue of the $26 million would be discussed.


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