Faulconer: Redevelopment’s Public Benefits Too Important to Stop

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City Council President Pro Tem Kevin L. Faulconer released the following statement in response to today’s California Supreme Court ruling over the State Legislature’s decision to dissolve redevelopment agencies across the state, including in San Diego.

“Redevelopment has been a vital resource in the transformation of downtown and many of San Diego’s older communities. It has been the key to incentivizing private investment and creating affordable housing, parks and necessary public improvements in San Diego’s urban neighborhoods, all the while helping to create jobs and stimulate San Diego’s economy. The short-sighted decision by the State Legislature to take local funds from our neighborhoods and pump them into the bureaucratic black hole in Sacramento is a detriment to our region.

 While I am disappointed in the Supreme Court’s ruling, I will work hard to ensure community redevelopment projects currently in the pipeline continue. The public benefits that redevelopment brought to our urban neighborhoods are too important to stop. I will be looking for new tools that ensure San Diego’s tax dollars support local economic growth.”

 Faulconer has been a leading proponent of the revitalization that redevelopment brings to local neighborhoods. His district includes the Centre City, Naval Training Center and North Bay redevelopment areas. There are 17 redevelopment areas across San Diego.



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