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FACT SHEET: Lincoln Club of San Diego County



May 2012                                                           Contact: Tony Manolatos

16-for-16: In the 2010 election cycle, The Lincoln Club of San Diego County invested over $425,000 in local races and was successful in all (16) races in which it invested $1,000 or more.

Members: The Club has approximately 350 members from throughout San Diego County. Our members represent a wide range of businesses, groups and industries.

Over 20 percent of the Club’s members are women, and nearly 30 percent are under age 50. (As of March 31, 2012.)

Brand: Organizing Business, Educating Voters

The Lincoln Club of San Diego County is the only countywide, organized business Political Action Committee (PAC) dedicated to raising and spending money in support of pro-prosperity ballot measures and candidates, regardless of partisan affiliation.

The Club’s mission is to advance free market principles and ideas by recruiting, endorsing and financing pro-prosperity candidates and ballot measures that reflect the Club’s commitment to responsible public policy, the expansion of economic opportunity and an enhanced quality of life throughout San Diego County.

The Club’s vision is one of a county wherein taxes are low, government is small and accountable, children receive a world-class education, regulations are reasonable and business is encouraged.

The Lincoln Club is NOT a social club. Networking and business development opportunities are among the benefits of membership, but the Club is a PAC first and foremost.

The Club was founded in 1983. Its scope and impact can be seen in cities across San Diego County. This year alone, the organization is involved in races in San Diego, Chula Vista, El Cajon and elsewhere.

Court Victory: The Club led a team of plaintiffs who successfully reformed the City of San Diego’s Election Campaign Control Ordinance in January 2012. The sweeping victory in U.S. District Court overturned unconstitutional campaign financing regulations and helped level the playing field with government labor unions in the City. Click here to read an op-ed on this victory, “Court ruling: Free speech and the mother’s milk of politics,” written by Club President and CEO T.J. Zane and published in the U-T San Diego.

Videos: Click here to view the Club’s promotional video, and here to see its “Member of the Week” series.

You can follow the Club on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The Club’s June 2012 Endorsements:





City of Chula Vista

City of San Diego

Superior Court Judge

County Board of Education

San Diego Community College District

Local Propositions



Disclosure: The Lincoln Club of San Diego County is a client of mine.

Tony Manolatos is a communications strategist. You can follow him on Twitter or LinkedInYou can hear Tony talk politics and media with KOGO’s LaDona Harvey every Monday at 2:35 p.m. on AM 600 and FM 95.7.
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