Exposed: Empower San Diego’s Talking Points – One Person, One Vote? Whatever!

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-“Oh, but wait! There’s more!”

A core principle in Redistricting is “One Person, One Vote” which even embattled Executive Director Midori Wong has been repeating over and over again in various media outlets.

Apparently that principle is not shared over at Empower San Diego as they are willing to sacrifice it at the altar of forcing their progressive, political agenda on San Diegans.

Here is the “Post Map Talking Points” document which Emily Serafy Cox recently sent around. Note that “Deviation Talking Points” seems to be the first order of business, followed by games playing for the sake of progressive, political ends – not communities.

PS. This is a follow-up to the earlier post: “Exposed: Empower San Diego’s Last Ditch Political Play – And Interesting Friends.”


Deviation Talking Points:

– Keeping Communities of Interest together and preserving the voting strength of historically under-represented groups is MORE important to me and my community than having the smallest deviation possible

– You have heard from legal experts and your own technical consultants that you have some definite wiggle room on deviation within your currently drafted map.

– The Commission 10 years ago had a deviation of ##%

Map Talking Points:

– Golden Hill moves from D3 to D8
Golden Hill is currently in D8; it is a neighborhood that fits with a Latino District; it is actively resisting gentrification and needs to stay with neighborhoods (like the Historic Barrio District) that share this commitment to preserving their historic character.

– College Area and Rolando move from D9 to D7
The College Area communities should be united with Del Cerro because of these communities’ relationship to SDSU; these communities fit in better with communities to the north than City Heights and the South East Planning Area communities.

– Shelltown and 32nd St Naval Base move from D8 to D9
Shelltown should be united with Southcrest. This also increases the compactness of D8.
*Larry Baza, Carolina ?

– Normal Heights (except for the Adams Ave Business District) moves from D3 to D9
Normal Heights is a Latino neighborhood that belongs with D9 and tends not to be as supportive of LGBT issues as neighborhoods to the west. This change preserves the important Adams Ave Business District in D3.

– Linda Vista moves from D7 to D2
Mission Beach and Pacific Beach are intimately tied to USD (student-occupied housing, etc.)
The watershed of Tecalote Canyon feeds to the bay.
This change unites the Linda Vista planning area

– Midway, Loma Portal, and Roseville/Fleetwood move from D2 to D3
These neighborhoods are intimately tied to the airport and airport noise issues. Many communities of D3, from South Park to Park West and Little Italy, are also affected by airport noise.

– Tierrasanta and East Elliot/Mirmar East move from D7 to D6
The Terrasanta Town Council voted overwhelmingly that they wanted to be united with the Clairemont Mesa Blvd Corridor. The should be listened to just as the Commission has listened to the strong votes of other neighborhood groups.

– Clairemont south of Balboa Ave moves from D6 to D7
This area should be connected to Mission Valley; Balboa Ave is a good dividing line.

The total deviation on these changes is: 5.8% Which is completely within legal and constitutional mandates.


(Note: Grammar, punctuation, etc. from the original .rtf document.)


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