EXCLUSIVE TO ROSTRA: Meatball Poll Results on Money and Moonbeams

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By popular demand, the Albondigas Straw Poll (AKA the Meatball Poll) will continue as a regular feature exclusive to Rostra. This month’s edition turned to statewide issues. Albondigas San Diego members were asked to weigh in on five questions, yes or no. The results:

1. Will Governor Brown be successful in eliminating redevelopment?

Yes: 41%   No 59%

2. Will we have a sales tax extension on the June ballot?

Yes: 70%   No: 30%

3. Will the sales tax extension be passed?

Yes: 31.5%   No: 68.5%

4. Will the state budget be passed on time?

Yes: 45%   No 55%

5. Will a Republican refer to Jerry Brown as “Governor Moonbeam” before the special election?

Yes: 96%   No 4%

Number 2 is a bit of a trick question. It assumes there is going to be a June special election. It seems the majority of the Meatballs polled believe Governor Brown will call for an election.

I’m surprised that so many participants actually believe a budget will be passed on time this year.

As for question 5, to be specific the question referred to Republican members of the State Legislature, not just any random Republican. Otherwise it would be a moot point already.

Disclosure: This poll is for entertainment purposes only. Most of the votes were made on tequila soaked napkins, so please bear this in mind when reviewing the results.

Next poll: April 15. Tax theme, anyone? Rostra commissioned questions are welcomed.


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  1. Just remember JB is not your regular Moonbeam. In this particular case he is an elderly Moonbeam. He may not even remember where he left his moonbeam. But, he has always had a way of landing on his feet. After all he was elected Governor, not those other people whose names you have already forgotten.

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