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The country is still reeling from the horrific shooting in Charleston and rightly so. Now a host of reasons flood social media and the news channels. Endstate asks: why is there so much activism after a tragedy?

Like everyone else, I was shocked and wanted to know the Who, What, When, Where and How after hearing of the attack. Once those were established the country and I have wrestled with the ‘Why.’ Into the breach, our media scrounged for opinions and blasted them as news was still coming out. Once those were exhausted, News Channels and social media have competed for America’s attention by choosing whatever theory we will read or watch. Waiting to help them have been the activists.

Rahm Emanual once said “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. … This crisis provides the opportunity for us to do things that you could not before.” He flat out said that the political left uses a crisis to push an agenda. Between the lines is that the Left has an army of activists with an agenda just waiting for a tragedy or crisis to justify what they want.

It’s mindboggling where the activist machine comes from. Instantly, they appear there with their pet projects: gun control, GOP fundraising, and the confederate flag to name a few. The media of course loves being fed sensationalist issues. It’s easier than looking for them of course. This is a problem. It starts a quest for an easy answer. The activist group gets there issue passed, the media pats itself on the back, and America moves on. In this case, it looks like the Confederate Flag coming down will be the response to a shooting by a medicated racist. No one can seriously think that taking down the flag will remove the incentive for a shooting. If any thing it will just make racists even madder. But the activist group got what they wanted so they are happy.

Conservatives have seen this happen over and over and are always on the defensive. It’s disgusting that the left would do this, that they don’t get called on it, and worse they often get what they want. Especially, when it has little relevance to the tragedy and its doubtful it will prevent another one. God forbid a tragedy should happen here in San Diego and who knows what the activists have in store for the rest of us if it does.

Elliot Schroeder is a past Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of San Diego. He has a degree in Strategic History from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

endstate is a series of articles looking at what proposals, programs, policies and legislation are really trying to achieve and if they do it.

end state (n) – The set of required conditions that defines achievement of the commander’s objectives. (Department of Defense Joint Publication 3-0, 11 August 2011)


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