Endorsements– Republican Party of San Diego County Central Committee for the March 2020 Presidential Primary Election

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The Central Committee of the Republican Party of San Diego County (RPSDC) is the governing body of the local Republican Party. Every four years, registered Republicans vote for up to 6 members to represent their “District”.  Mostly, through attrition or targeted removal by arcane and subjective “rules” enforcement, the voters’ will is overturned to appease special interests.

Six years ago, I proposed some reform ideas to broaden the base of the Republican Party of San Diego County and “democratize” governance– those were ignored.  Thus, the same old method will be used to elect the local Republican Party leadership.  I examined the candidates who qualified for the ballot and removed paid elected officials (community planning groups exempted), staffers for elected officials, candidates for paid elected offices, lobbyists, and political professionals.

In short, I believe that the elected members of RPSDC governing body should be for volunteers only.  Elected officials are represented as appointed members of the Central Commiteee.  The following list are true volunteers running for the RPSDC Central Committee:

71st Assembly District (mostly East County)

Dan Bickford
Mark Bryan
**Gary Kreep
Christine LaMarca
**Ron Nehring

75th Assembly District (mostly Northeast County)

Randy Berholtz
Duncan Fane
C. Brian Melonakos
Regina Roberts
Alana Sorensen
Brian Tinney

76th Assembly District (mostly Northwest County)

John Buell
Judy Rees
Duane Siegmann
Patti Siegmann

77th Assembly District (mostly Central County/North San Diego)

Kelli Hillard
Tony Krvaric
Andrew Skale
Therese Watson
Lynette Williams

78th Assembly District (Coastal San Diego and San Diego I-8 communities)

Jennifer Bryant
TJ Chaloub
**Julio DeGuzman
Brad Gerbel
Dan Holstein
Jean Roesch
Mary Scyocurka
Waskah Whelan
Donna Woodrum
**John “Woody” Woodrum

79th Assembly District (Southeast San Diego, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Spring Valley, parts of Chula Vista)

Dylan Graham
Anthony Mendiola
John Moore
**Morgan Murtaugh
Patrick O’Mara
Tamara Rodriguez
George Williams

80th Assembly District (mostly Chula Vista)

JD Bols
Allen Candelore
**Craig Candelore
Michael Gorski
Bud McLeroy
Cheryl Perez
Robert Santos
Cassandra Shand
Paula Whitsell

Emboldened names have won a Central Committee election before.
** denotes candidates who have run for elected office and/or worked for elected officials in the past.  They are currently volunteers with no financial interests in the outcome of endorsements.


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  1. Grassroots is the most basic level of organization and also works passionately for the cause without outside influence.

  2. Post
  3. Hi! I am getting in touch from the League of Women Voters. Can you share contact information for Tamara Rodriguez so we can invite her to a candidate forum on 9/26? Thank you!

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