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Elvira Vargas Selected as ROV Elections Processing Supervisor

SD Rostra contributors have previously gushed on these pages about the great work of the San Diego County Registrar of Voters office (rightfully so), in particular noting the long public service of Cathy Glaser following her retirement as Elections Processing Supervisor late last year.

Candidates and campaign workers of all parties and stripes know how much easier things go for them when the ROV’s election staff members have the right combination of experience, knowledge and good humor (the last one especially needed for consultants and occasional election attorneys).

So, a huge congratulations is in order for longtime ROV staffer Elvira Vargas, just announced as the new Elections Processing Supervisor for the Registrar’s office, succeeding Glaser in the position! Kudos to Elvira, as well as to Registrar Deborah Seiler and staff for opting for such professionalism. Many readers know Elvira as the “front person” dealing with candidates, campaign filings and constant questions for the last several years, always with a smile and just the right touch of patience and efficiency.

Elvira will continue to serve the public well, especially in this role so critical to the elections process (and to political hacks).

Please join Rostra in wishing her well! Congratulations Elvira!

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