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Press Release from the Bonnie Dumanis campaign…

Parents of Murdered Children Support Dumanis in Compelling First Television Ads

SAN DIEGO – The parents of six murder victims whose cases were prosecuted by the San Diego District Attorney’s Office today endorsed DA Bonnie Dumanis in a series of emotional and compelling TV and web ads just released by Dumanis’ campaign.

The spots feature Brent and Kelly King, parents of Chelsea King; Steve Bessant, father of Oceanside Police Officer Dan Bessant; Milena Sellers, mother of Jonathan Sellers; Maria Keever, mother of Charlie Keever; and Dayna Herroz, mother of Tori Vienneau and grandmother of Dean Springstube. District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis is also endorsed by Crime Victims United of California, a group that works to enhance public safety and strengthen the rights of crime victims.

“During the court cases, Bonnie’s team shared with me that they had everything at their disposal to make sure that the prosecution was full and effective to put my son’s killers away for life,” said Steve Besant. “Bonnie is a true public servant. She takes her role very seriously and she stands up for everyone in the community who’s obeying the law.”

“What impressed me most about Bonnie is she talked to me,” said Milena Sellers. “She listened to me, saw me as a person and understood what I was going through. Bonnie seemed to really want to help.”

“Having the support of these strong and courageous individuals means the world to me,” said Dumanis.

Watch Ad #1
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The ads begin airing on San Diego broadcast and cable stations on May 1st. They will also be posted on Dumanis’ website and various social media platforms.

Dumanis’ impressive list of other endorsements includes San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, Sheriff Bill Gore, the entire County Board of Supervisors and several large law enforcement groups including the San Diego District Attorney Investigators Association, San Diego Police Chiefs’ and Sheriff’s Association, and the National Non-Partisan Latino Peace Officers Association.

More on Bonnie’s campaign can be found at www.BonnieForDA.com


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