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Dumanis Steadies the Wheels

News just weeks into San Diego mayoral race from candidate District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis really got folks talking about her race.

It wasn’t big donor dollar numbers (which we’ve yet to see), but that she had already fired her campaign manager, Republican consultant Tom Mitchell.

The rumor mill ran amok with folks saying she looked vulnerable.

Today, her camp released news that she’s poached a Mayor Jerry Sanders press aide, Kevin Klein, to take over the helm under general consultant, Jennifer Tierney.

Still no official word as to what went wrong with Mitchell, though Tierney did give some clues in a story from San Diego News Room:

“This is not about the strategy of Bonnie’s campaign,” says Tierney. “It’s about getting a really competent day-to-day person to manage the campaign; this isn’t about a big change, it’s about someone who can implement the overall strategy.”

Tierney says there are three main reasons Dumanis’ campaign chose Klein to take over the position: experience, skill and personality.

“He has been involved in campaigns before and when we talked to him we felt he would fit in well with the group of people that are with Bonnie’s campaign,” says Tierney.

No doubt we’ll get a better sense of camp stability when we see her first campaign financial report in coming days.

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