Dumanis Responds to Today’s Pension Reform Ruling

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San Diego District Attorney and Mayoral candidate Bonnie Dumanis released the following statement in response to this morning’s ruling that will allow San Diego’s Comprehensive Pension Reform initiative to go before voters on June 5th.

“I’m encouraged by today’s ruling allowing voters to have their say on pension reform in June. I support the Comprehensive Pension Reform Initiative and believe it’s critical to San Diego’s continuing financial recovery. Most importantly, once reforms are adopted by voters, we need a Mayor who has the proven executive experience and consensus-building skills to make sure pension reform actually gets implemented. As Mayor, I will work with all sides to make sure we implement real reform, with real savings that’s really going to stick.”


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  1. From today’s UT:

    “In his ruling Tuesday, Judge William Dato said case law is clear that the court should only block a measure when it is “clear beyond doubt” that it is invalid. He said he found no compelling reason to keep the initiative from the ballot when its legality can be still be challenged later.

    ‘It is plainly not a situation where the challenge is going to become moot after the election if the initiative is adopted,’ Dato said. ‘… There is a clear preference toward postelection review.’

    The judge didn’t address the merits of the labor complaint.”

    It is now clear that the voters will have their say. However, it is not certain that they will get the final say.

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