Dumanis may hear about her Pension & Salary — Solid sources say a new Poll pinpoints them — Does this mean she’d struggle to win a Fall runoff ?

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A poll has surfaced, taken mid-February, previewing what DA Bonnie Dumanis may hear from mayoral rivals in coming months. One question contrasts her support for the June Pension Reform measure with her own future county  pension (as a Judge and DA), which the poll estimated at $240K a year.  After hearing that contrast, 75 percent of respondents said it gave them serious or some doubts about her mayoral bid.  Your correspondent considers the sourcing on this survey to be reliable.

The poll, done by a nationally-known political survey firm, is said to have been taken about Feb. 11th to 15th, with a sample size of over 300 high-propensity voters.  The  pension figure which the poll cites, appears to have come from a Voice of San Diego story on the subject

Another  question contends the DA promised not to take a pay raise during her 2010 re-election race, but changed her mind after the election, accepting an $11,000 raise, to $240,739 a year,  in July 2010.  Voter response to those details was even more negative,  with 80 percent saying it caused them serious or some misgivings about her candidacy.

A  Union-Tribune “Watchdog” report seems to be the source for that question.  It first revealed details of County officials’ pay raises back on July 26, 2010.  You can read that account  here.

So, if she reaches the Fall runoff, can the District Attorney defeat Bob Filner, for example, in the face of those problematic issue numbers?

In her defense, the District Attorney has one of the most-demanding and nerve-racking jobs in local government. Taxpayers get value for their money as Dumanis directs the prosecution of felony crime complaints and a variety of consumer protection functions, from 2003 until now. The men and women of law enforcement face threats from people they’ve arrested, or prosecuted, and we are in debt to all of them for doing this crucial service for society.

Still, all is fair at election time, so these subjects may be Grist for the Mill as the June primary nears.  Today you’ve gotten a ‘Coming Attractions’ of what you and other voters may be hearing.


Jim Sills has no existing professional campaign connection with any San Diego mayoral candidate.

Jim Sills is a San Diego GOP political consultant. If you have questions on your future in San Diego and California elections, contact Jim at this email address:  YourElectionVictory@hotmail.com    He has aided campaigns for Rep. Darrell Issa, Assemblywoman Shirley Horton, Senators Joel Anderson and Tony Strickland, and Reps. Devin Nunes and J.D. Hayworth, County Assessor & Recorder Greg Smith, among many others in California and beyond.


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  1. My friend works for CVS Pharmacy for $8.45 per hour and says it is a stressful and nerve-wracking job. So Bonnie who was already making over $200 k per year thought she deserved an $11,000. per year raise? Did she think this because her job is nerve-wracking? What a bunch of BS. Another example of prima-donna entitlement mentality in public service. Fire ALL of them and start fresh with all new employees. Bonnie is another example of why taxpayers are sick of public employees.

  2. Not Dumanis,

    I am not supporting Dumanis for Mayor, but anyone making more than $200K per year can afford a million dollar condo. No need to look for proof of anything other than a good-paying job.

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