Dumanis Disqualifies Herself

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Bonnie Dumanis was interviewed by the U-T editorial board today. Ricky Young, @sdutYoung on Twitter, has a couple of key quotes.

Dumanis to U-T edit board, asked about Prop D, says she voted but ”My vote is personal”

Dumanis says she doesn’t remember Prop 23, last fall’s effort to undo AB32, so doesn’t know how she might have voted.

Gustafson asks for Dumanis’ ideas… She starts, ”First of all, there are no new ideas.”

By contrast, Carl DeMaio’s efforts were key to Proposition D’s (1/2 cent sales tax increase) defeat. In fairness, Nathan Fletcher was also on record against the measure, but didn’t seem to actively campaign against it. Filner is so in the tank for the unions that I will never endorse him.

My personal tea party endorsement is never going to go to anyone who won’t oppose tax increases until we have done all we can to reduce the size and cost of government.


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  1. from http://www.voiceofsandiego.org/government/thehall/article_0fa77da4-cf84-11e0-9f13-001cc4c002e0.html

    Frank De Clercq, head of the city’s firefighter union, said Dumanis had to change her position to appease Republican donors. So far Dumanis’ fundraising has lagged far behind DeMaio’s and Fletcher’s. Sanders, Faulconer, Dumanis and Fletcher all told the union at one point they didn’t want to strip pensions from new firefighters, De Clercq said.

    “Whether it’s a core belief or it’s their morals, I think that the money overcomes all,” De Clercq said.

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