Duffy turned down on Ballot Designation

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The Union-Trib’s Craig Gustafson just tweeted this…

From: @gustafsoncraig
Sent: Mar 24, 2010 1:57p

Registrar of Voters officially rejects Jim Duffy’s bid to be called “Sheriff’s Lt.” on ballot as he tries to unseat Sheriff Bill Gore.

On Twitter: http://twitter.com/gustafsoncraig/status/10997897719

My sources confirm that is the case, although the letter has not gone from the ROV to Duffy as of yet.


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  2. Wow! I’m pretty neutral on this race, but it seemed to me that Duffy had some sort of a legitimate claim to that title, especially since the ROV is usually fairly generous with ballot designations. That gives La Suer a huge bump in the fight to make it to the runoff. All things considered, this is almost a completely 33/33/33 race.

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