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Duffy Scores Perfect with Labor Council

Sheriff candidate Jim Duffy may have already staked his claim as the union candidate, scoring both the Deputy Sheriff’s Association and state PORAC endorsements. But, even those organizations over the years have backed candidates, including Republicans, with less than perfect labor credentials.

It was very likely that the Labor Council would follow suit with an endorsement of Duffy, no doubt, even if he failed to be perfectly aligned with all of their positions.

So, why would Duffy feel the need to be perfectly aligned, thus giving the appearance of a “completely-in-the-pocket-of-labor” candidate?

As the attached questionnaire clearly shows, Duffy marked every single Labor Council answer as an “Agree Strongly” with the union position. Not even one “Agree Somewhat” in the mix. It’s as if he just went down the list and marked 5, 5 , 5, etc. without a thought. The questionnaire instructions even include a, “We are looking for honesty, not a perfect score.”

Was Duffy being honest, or was he looking for the perfect score? Maybe both.

Would someone check to make sure Duffy is still a Republican?

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