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Do women pro soccer players want equality with men? Yes!! Well, actually, NO!

Do the women on the U.S. Soccer Team demand equality with male soccer players?  YES!!  Well, mostly.  Sometimes.  Actually, NOT.

IF these wonderful women soccer players TRULY demanded equality, they would be lobbying (and suing) for the chance to play men’s professional soccer, where the salaries for top players can be much, MUCH higher. I don’t know for sure, but I suspect that opportunity may well already exist.  If not, it wouldn’t take much of a PR effort to get the MLS, English Premier Soccer League, etc. to open to women players.

Indeed, these government-loving women should insist that there be no more single sex soccer leagues.  Only unisex soccer (indeed, SPORTS) leagues should be allowed — in the name of social justice.  Don’t hold your breath.

It would be an instructive experience for all.  After the men played nice for a couple practices, the real games would make clear that almost all (non-transgender) women soccer players can’t hack it when playing with and against the upper tier of male soccer players.

The only way top women could play with top men is via an affirmative action quota requirement. So much for equality.

But let’s step back to the women’s selective demand that they simply be paid more.  What is not considered by most is that when the men play on national teams, they may partially forego more lucrative pay from playing on the top men’s professional sport teams.  More important, if a man is injured while playing for his country, he may miss out on months, years, or ALL future soccer earnings.

While the women’s national team draws great crowds, they are foregoing and risking little by playing for their country’s team.  Once they go back to the women’s professional soccer league teams, the abysmal gate receipts keep salaries low — so they risk far less from an injury while playing for the USA.  Indeed, women playing on the USA team can (and DO) sometimes receive valuable national endorsement contracts — contracts that they would seldom get without playing for America.


BTW, if you want to see how badly women are still discriminated against in colleges, do NOT look at this animated bar chart URL below.  Women rule.

Gender equality IS a myth.  But today’s winners are not who the press claims. Women college graduates outnumber men in just about every major.

NOTE:  Today there are about 100 federal programs to aid ONLY women to get into college, or to help women graduate from college.  I bet you can tell me how many MALE only such federal student programs exist.  HINT:  You simply CAN’T guess too low.

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