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Dianne Jacob Recruits Vaus To Challenge Anderson. Expect RPSDC to Endorse Vaus

Watch what happens in the Second Supervisorial Race (East County) in 2019.  Dianne Jacob is pulling a Pam Slater-Price move and I am betting that the compromised RPSDC Committee will endorse Poway Mayor Steve Vaus — it’s leadership is purging the ranks of Anderson supporters.

RPSDC endorsed State Senator Joel Anderson,  against Dianne Jacob in 2016. Why would it flip?

Follow the money. Jacob got real estate developer Tom Sudberry to “back” Vaus and Sudberry brought along all of his real estate developer friends into the game. While Vaus hasn’t raised any money yet, expect independent committees and the RPSDC to play big in this race with most of the money coming from the developers who want to be the ONLY people allowed to build in East County.

New homes will be built in East County; that’s coming. If the downtown developers back a candidate who favors restricted or “smart” growth, the developers can exclude competition and charge overinflated prices for the new homes.

Where there is money to be harvested, expect to see the Republican Party of San Diego County. While the San Diego Democrats are building up the volunteer base, RPSDC is clinging to the old direct mail model for “member communications”. The local GOP ran off the volunteers over a decade ago. Direct mail costs money and RPSDC can get the Downtown developers to donate for the direct mail pieces, plus a 15-20 percent premium for the RPSDC coffers. THIS is why you will see so many Committee members from outside of East County voting to endorse Vaus.

It won’t work in a general election. The only candidate who will be able to defeat Union Leader Tom Lemmon and the energized Democratic volunteers will be a candidate who is willing to take the fight to the voters’ doorsteps. Joel Anderson has represented the District for some 12 years now and has an army of volunteers, most of whom worked or volunteered for him since 2008.

Anderson has the grass roots machine to fight the Democratic ballot-harvesting machine.

Vaus, RPSDC, The Lincoln Club, and Sudberry have the post office.

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