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The 23-year reign of District 5 Supervisor Bill Horn is ending. We’ll know his replacement November 6, 2018. Will it be San Marcos Mayor Jim Desmond – Horn’s chosen successor – or newcomer, legislative analyst Michelle Gomez? Desmond, a steadfast Republican, dominated the primary, but Democrat hopeful Gomez looks to change that. Valleyites and District 5 members who want to hear where the candidates stand will be able to see them go “mano-a-mano” in their only scheduled debate. Save the date, Oct. 19 – The North County Rumble: Unfinished Business.

With the 2016, District 3 loss of Democrat Dave Roberts to Kristin Gaspar, the board of supervisors is 100 percent Republican. However, with term limits now in place – two, 4-year terms – the Democrats are looking to reclaim their lost seat. Their target is Ron Roberts’s District 4 seat, as he terms outs. Their champion is new party darling, Nathan Fletcher – which is ironic – Democrats looking toward a failed Republican to be their champion.

Fletcher’s the favorite in his race but with Gomez, they have a dark horse, a wild card to gain a second board seat. Her surprising second-place finish gives them newfound hope and has the Republican Party on edge. This puts greater pressure on their own champion, Desmond, to preserve their solid majority.

Political Machines

Desmond, winning every precinct in Valley Center, Pala, Pauma Valley and Hidden Meadows, easily took District 5. Likely to focus on helping Fletcher, the Democrats’ political machine will divert some resources to help Gomez, who’ll focus on grassroots to get out the vote (GOTV).

Desmond’s well-funded, so look for the Republican machine to harness most of its apparatus to support former San Diego district attorney and underdog, Bonnie Dumanis against Fletcher. They’re counting on Desmond’s war chest and his conservative base to GOTV. Here’re some final primary results from Valley Center and the surrounding area.

Valley Center, Hidden Meadows, PALA, Pauma Valley Primary Results

  • Desmond: 53.3 percent (3,325 votes)
  • Gomez: 15.3 percent (884 votes)

Desmond Dominates District – 5 – Total Results

  • Desmond 45.2 percent (58,417 votes)
  • Gomez 22.9 percent (29,662 votes)

Getting the Band Back Together

We’re just Valleyites, affiliated with no group and working with no political party to bring this event to you. Our goal’s simple – bring the candidates to the community, who’ll make policy affecting our daily lives. It’s your chance to meet and hear the contenders’ debate the issues. We’ll challenge the candidates on where they stand and their differences. Challenge them to explain their positions clearly and dispense with generalizations. Our team returns – LaVonne Norwood, Kathy Mackenzie, and Kimberly Mead to help make this happen. We’ll need more help this go-round and if interested, please contact us on our Facebook page,

Title Sponsor and Partner

A huge and hearty thank you to The Valley Roadrunner as they return as our title sponsor. It was a pleasure to work with David Ross, Justin Salter, and Joshua Sibelius. Candidly, they’re more partners than a sponsor. Their critical help with the first forum helped make it the success it was. We welcome their return.

Desmond and Gomez – The Issues

Learn about the candidates and issues at the following websites. Then, discuss the issues, candidates, and RSVP to the debate on our Facebook page. You can also watch the forum we held for the primary. The issues remain relevant and are worth your time to watch.


  • DATE: Oct. 19, 2018
  • TIME: 7 p.m.
  • VENUE: TBD (stay tuned)

There you have it – SAVE THE DATE – heavy favorite, Jim Desmond goes mano-a-mano against upstart Michelle Gomez in their only scheduled debate to replace Bill Horn. Don’t forget we’re looking for local volunteers. Stay tuned as we secure a venue and move forward with, “The North County Rumble, Unfinished Business!”

Updates available at 

This article originally appeared in the Valley Roadrunner, July 27, 2018.

William Del Pilar is politically active, currently sitting on the Valley Center Community Planning Group (VCCPG). As an entrepreneur, Del Pilar drove his fantasy sports company to set the standard for analysis and news distribution, helping to commercialize the industry from 1997-2008. Del Pilar sat on the boards of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) and Fantasy Sports Ventures (now owned by Gannett Co., Inc.).


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