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Denise Gitsham responds to SDUT gun editorial

by Denise Gitsham, candidate for Congress, CA-52nd District
from her Facebook page

In the spirit of Star Wars – the UT strikes back!

Here are the facts: In November, the UT printed a story riddled with inaccuracies about my candidacy. I agreed to give them a second chance, and provided them with a statement prior to their deadline. Again, they chose to make a point rather than educate the public.

Here’s the statement I sent them, which never went to print. I hope it resonates with some of you, as I am certain that common sense reform, as always, is the answer.

My heart breaks for the victims of gun violence, but it is the responsibility of Congress to push for policies that will actually make us safer rather than just feel better. Around the country, jurisdictions with the strictest gun laws are also some of the jurisdictions with the most gun violence. I fully support closing sensible loopholes – particularly for those on the federal government’s terrorism watch list, and those related to gun show and Internet sales – all of which should be done within the context of protecting our constitutional right to bear arms, as codified in the Second Amendment.

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