The Democrats’ Veteran Gambit

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Let’s connect the dots.   Just last month NPR discussed the Democrat plan to use Veterans to take the House and now our social media feed is jammed with “Trump disrespects fallen soldiers” posts.   Are the Democrats politicizing this?  Absolutely.   We’re the democrats waiting for a pre-text to jump on?  Likely.

From NPR:

“The recruitment effort, designed to bolster Democrats’ hopes of taking the two dozen seats they need to retake the House of Representatives, revises an old strategy the party used in 2006 when roughly 50 veterans ran with mixed results. The new effort is designed to puncture Republicans’ hold on the so-called guns-and-guts vote…”

I guess it flies under the radar that Rep. Wilson not only voted for but sponsored the bill for US involvement in Niger.  Now she is front and center of politicizing deaths that resulted from her efforts.  We can see that this  latest media furor is just part of the plan to cut into the blue-collar and pro-military base that went for Trump in 2016.   With mid-terms at stake, the Democrats need to turn the tide from a string of electoral losses and as Pres. Obama said, Democrats do terrible in mid-terms.  So the question will be if this latest tussle will move the needle in favor of the Democrats among veterans.  If the Democrats see any budge expect them to double down on tactics like this.


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  1. Now that Trump’s (for now) chief of staff has been shown to have just plain made up a story about Rep. Wilson, this whole week has turned out to be one big pile of goo for the “administration.”

    Just like last week.
    And the week before.
    And the week before that…

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