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Breaking News: DeMaio wins GOP endorsement — and other updates

Reports from the San Diego County Republican Party’s endorsement session this morning confirm that Carl DeMaio garnered the 2/3 vote needed for the group’s endorsement in the first round of voting.

Update 12:25 pm — It appears no endorsement will take place in the open 76th Assembly District, where Rocky Chavez, Farrah Douglas and Sherry Hodges are vying. No candidate achieved the 2/3 vote threshold.

Update 12:54 pm — Also no endorsement in AD 77, Brian Maienschein vs. Dustin Steiner.

Update 1:55 pm — Jim Miller, Jr. and Garland Peed reported to gain endorsements in open Superior Court Judge races. We have confirmation on the Miller endorsement, awaiting Peed.

Final Update 5:30 pm (although things ended some time ago) — Garland Peed did not get endorsed for judge (see line thru above).  There was no endorsement in that matchup of Peed vs. Gary Kreep.  So, at the end of the day, in contested races (more than one Republican), the only candidates gaining the party’s support today were Carl DeMaio for mayor and Jim Miller, Jr. for judge.

6:22 pm — Here is the party’s press release.

Sources say… DeMaio rc’d 39 out of 55 votes. Hodges missed the 2/3 needed by two votes. The Maienschein/Steiner vote was 29-27.

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