DeMaio Unveils Border Security Initiative

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Immigration, Ebola, and Terrorism Concerns Necessitate Action

San Diego – Carl DeMaio today unveiled his five-point Border Security Initiative and called for immediate action by the Administration and Congress to secure the border. DeMaio blasted President Obama for failing to act to secure the border, and pointed out incumbent Congressman Scott Peters has served as a “rubber stamp” on Obama’s failed border policies.

“From illegal immigration to terrorism and Ebola, the reasons for securing our nation’s border could not be clearer,” DeMaio noted. “My Border Security Initiative outlines comprehensive actions and reforms to fully secure our nation’s border and I’m calling for immediate action on this pressing issue,” DeMaio noted.

DeMaio is proposing five key actions to secure the border. They include:

Expanded Use of Border Patrol and National Guard: To ensure sufficient personnel are available for border security, DeMaio is proposing to dramatically increase funding to hire more Border Patrol agents and to federal reimbursement funding to call-up the National Guard to assist.

A Real Fence Covering the Entire Border: DeMaio is proposing to complete 1500 miles of fencing and other infrastructure to properly secure the border.

Expanded Technology and Use of Drones: San Diego manufactures drones and DeMaio is proposing these aerial vehicles be put to use on the border among a host of other technologies to achieve 100% monitoring and coverage of the entire border.

E-Verify and Sanctions Against Employers: DeMaio proposes to expand the use of e-verify and increase enforcement against businesses that illegally hire undocumented workers.

Give Border Patrol Agents Legal Authorities: President Obama has used executive orders to prohibit Border Patrol agents from doing their jobs. DeMaio is proposing to change laws to allow Border Patrol to properly patrol, apprehend and turn-back illegal entrants at the border.

“Bowing to pressure from his own political party, Scott Peters voted against the Border Security Bill in July and gave President Obama a free-pass to ignore enforcement of laws at our border,” DeMaio said.

DeMaio said he looks forward to working with Democrats and Republicans to enact these common-sense border security reforms as a pre-requisite to implementing additional needed reforms in the immigration system.


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