DeMaio Endorsed By Nation’s Largest Small Business Group

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“Carl DeMaio is the choice of small business.”

San Diego – Flanked by a dozen San Diego small business owners, the largest small business group in the country, National Federation of Independent Business, announced today it has endorsed Carl DeMaio for Congress.

DeMaio said the NFIB’s endorsement reflects his record of fighting “for the little guy” on important business and job creation issues.

“Job creation is my top priority and the best way to create jobs is to support our small businesses by cutting the costly red tape that stifles their growth,” DeMaio noted. “The broken system in Washington only benefits the privileged and it has let individual working families and small businesses down time and time again,” DeMaio said. “I’m running for Congress to reform that broken system,” DeMaio concluded.

While on the San Diego City Council, DeMaio authored the “Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Plan” and won bipartisan approval for legislation that cut red tape on the San Diego’s neighborhood small business improvement districts. As he sets his sights on reforming Washington, DeMaio has offered a series of economic reform ideas including fair tax reform, cutting red tape on small business, and improved worker training and development.

In releasing their endorsement, NFIB’s Vice President Sharon Sussin said:

“Carl DeMaio is a small business owner and is committed to keeping taxes low and reducing government red tape,” said Lisa Goeas, NFIB Vice President for Political and Grassroots. “He will support pro-growth policies that give small business owners the certainty they need to grow their businesses and create jobs.”

Representing over 350,000 small business members nation-wide, NFIB is known as the leading voice for small business issues. 60% of NFIB members have 5 or fewer employees and 55% of NFIB members report gross sales of $350,000 or less annually.


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