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Delicious Stagecraft By Donna Frye… and the Mayor

It’s not just that Donna Frye voted against putting the sales tax on the ballot, its how she did it. She warned the majority of Democrats days ago that she wouldn’t vote to put a tax increase on the a ballot without cuts at the same time. Yet again, labor and her fellow Democrats rolled their eyes and ignored her.

Today she asked to vote last. I guess that should have given us a hint that something was up. Then every Democrat went on the record, voting to put a sales tax on the a ballot. Only then did Frye vote no.

Perhaps more interesting are the secret meetings conducted by Sanders, Hueso, Gloria, and San Diego School Board President Richiard Barrera. Seriously? According to the Voice of San Diego the Mayor promised Barrera to essentially help gut key provisions of Proposition 13 (to push for a lower 55 percent threshold for passing school parcel taxes) support a property tax increase (and to help pass a school parcel tax if San Diego Unified pursues one in the future) and now, obviously support a sales tax.

It is getting increasingly difficult to avoid that this Mayor’s answers to the financial problems at the city aren’t cuts, they are new taxes. This Mayor has been fairly popular… not sure if that will be the case if he decides to take a whack at small business owners during a recession.

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