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Darrell Issa is A Second Amendment Hero

“Darrell Issa is a Second Amendment Hero.” Those aren’t my words but rather the words of Gun Owners of America, back in 2012. In it’s most recent ranking, Gun Owners of America described Congressman Issa’s record as a “Pro-Gun Voter: philosophically sound.”

The National Rifle Association gave Congressman Issa an “A Rating” and invited him to speak about the “Fast and Furious” Investigation at it’s Annual Meeting.

I cautioned voters (back when Issa’s opponents tried to suggest that he was “pro-choice”) to heed Speaker Gingrich’s advice and watch what politicians do rather than what they say.  Here is Issa’s voting record:

His Democratic opponent is using surrogates to suggest that Issa wavers on the Second Amendment. That is patently false. Darrell Issa is a Second Amendment Hero and has been since his opponent was in junior high school.

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