Danon’s Early Efforts for Supe Sets Tone for Real Race

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The following is from my post of yesterday at the FlashReport.   It was subsequently pointed out to me that Pam Slater-Price has close to $375,000 banked and hasn’t yet started fundraising for 2012, as if to ask why I would even write about a challenger.

Yes, as I indicated in the piece, Pam is no slouch, not by any stretch.  There will also be more to follow on these pages about a potential match up between Steve Danon and her.  All sides will be presented, I am certain.  But, this post was about Danon’s press release and some apparent early momentum on his part, a precursor to what could be a very interesting race.  I don’t see that as something to be ignored.

Pam and her supporters are of course always invited to weigh in, and — in fact — the Supervisor is a contributor here at SD Rostra, I am proud to note.

The FR entry…

When we broke the news on FlashReport last July that Steve Danon was in the race for San Diego County Supervisor in 2012 — whether or not incumbent Pam Slater-Price would seek her own sixth term in the Third District — some political watchers raised eyebrows about the timing.  After all, the election was still three years away.

However, Danon’s apparent “early foray” has done nothing to hurt him, it seems.  His campaign is attracting support from a mix of influentials that haven’t shown a willingness to oppose a sitting supervisor since perhaps the mid-1980s.  In fact, Danon could be demonstrating more progress in a 2012 effort than some of the current challengers are displaying in this year’s races.

No surprise that Danon has the support of his boss, Congressman Brian Bilbray.  It was also announced several weeks ago that the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association was backing him (early even for them).

As the press release below notes, Danon is garnering some additional support.  Campaign statements will show the chairs of both the Lincoln Club and New Majority providing maximum contributions to him.  Encinitas Mayor Dan Dalager and Councilman Jerome Stocks are both on board.  It should be noted that it was previously speculated that Stocks may be a candidate in the race.

Father Joe Carroll, a local icon if there is one, has also endorsed Danon.

Let’s be fair.  Some will question the strength of early endorsements in a campaign for supervisor, especially against a formidable incumbent.  Supervisor Slater-Price, who says she will indeed be running, is no pansy in the support arena herself.  That includes a proven ability to raise money, lots of it.

Yet, this early momentum on the part of Danon means we may see the first truly competitive race for supervisor since…well…since before even I cared about such things.

Here’s the release…

Third District Supervisorial Candidate Steve Danon Announces Key Endorsements and New Fundraising Numbers

Carmel Valley – Third District San Diego County Supervisorial candidate Steve Danon announced today the endorsements of local Congressman Brian Bilbray (CD-50), Mayor Danny Dalager (D-Encinitas), Councilman and Vice Chairman of SANDAG Jerome Stocks (R-Encinitas), Father Joe Carroll and the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego County representing more than 2,400 sheriff deputies.

With more than 29 months left until the primary, I am honored to have such a prominent group of supporters who have been at the forefront of fighting for North County for decades,” Danon said.  “To have a local coalition come forward to support me so early says a lot about the kind of changes our community believes we need to make.”

Coming into 2010, Danon’s campaign has surpassed expectations, raising close to $30,000 ($28,205) from individual contributors throughout the region without having a single fundraising event. Some of Steve’s notable supporters are Chairman of the New Majority Joel Reed and President of the Lincoln Club Tom Sudberry.

“I’m very humbled by the support and by the momentum that the campaign is gaining,” said Danon.  “My campaign is about reaching out to every community and neighborhood so that for the first time, in a long time, the residents of the Third District have a real voice at the Board of Supervisors.  Working together, we can create and retain jobs, support the creation of a Regional Firefighting Authority, crackdown on illegal immigration and improve health care access to the 374,000 county residents who do not have insurance,” continued Danon.



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  1. While I am not the the greatest fan of Slater-Price, she has done alot of good things for the district and has local government experience from her time on the city council.

    There are also lots of other more qualified local government elected officials than Danon that could pose a big threat to his candidacy. I am disappointed in Bilbray and the DSA for early endorsements when the race has not even shaped up yet.

    Danon has never faced a constituent as an elected official. He has been a staffer hiding behind his elected boss.

  2. This comment from American Vet sounds a lot like it could be John Weil who, himself is a career staffer who has hid behind his elected boss…whoever American Vet is – you’d have a lot more credibility if you man’ed up and put your name by your remarks…

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