Congressman Bob Filner: Hypocrite

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Bob Filner is a hypocrite. He calls out special interests as an issue in this campaign – including Bridgepoint Education – but his Congressional campaign committee has collected over $4 million in special interest contributions from political action committees, including Bridgepoint Education.

San Diegans deserve a mayor who is honest and consistent.

Bob Filner received contributions from Bridgepoint Education. (The Center For Responsive Politics Website,, Accessed 4/25/12)

Bob Filner received at least $4 million in special interest contributions during his career. (The Center For Responsive Politics Website,, Accessed 4/25/12)


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  1. But not an enemy. You can call him a hypocrite, but not an enemy. You can attack him publicly and question his integrity…but don’t actually use the term “enemy”. Because you’ve seen the enemy, Nathan, and there are no enemies in local politics. Right?

    Way to spot a hypocrite when you see one.

    One thing though, Filner has been consistently a Democrat for over 20 years. Seems he is more consistent than others in the race.

  2. Nathan’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. It takes a lot to make Bob Filner look like the good guy in a spat, but Nathan has managed to accomplish that.

  3. Hey, Bob’s at the congressional pay scale. Mucho years serving his area. Tight with the Vets, as is Bilbray and Jr Duncan. Don’t be so piciunish with this politicical hypocrisy terminology.

    All you boys are POLITICIANS. Either wear the badge or bail. Again all of you are Politicians. Thank God I’m just a political groupie.


    “I have decided not to attend today’s mayoral debate because there is a no more fitting image of what is wrong with San Diego than Bridgepoint hosting a private mayoral forum. You need to look no further to see the power of special interests in dictating the actions of City Hall.

    Read my full statement here: Filner Spurns Forum, Denounces Bridgepoint’s Veterans Exploitation

    San Diego, CA – Hours before the start of the Chamber of Commerce and Bridgepoint Education Mayoral Forum at the “Sunroad” Building, U.S. Congressman and Mayoral candidate Bob Filner issued a statement denouncing the predatory practices of Bridgepoint and their taxpayer-funded targeting of veterans and their G.I. Bill funds.

    Below is Filner’s statement regarding Bridgepoint and the undue power of special interests in City Hall:

    “I have decided not to attend today’s forum because there is a no more fitting image of what is wrong with San Diego then Bridgepoint Education hosting a private Mayoral Forum. You need to look no further to see the power of special interests in dictating the actions of City Hall.”

    “Bridgepoint Education, which is currently under investigation by the Department of Education, receives over 80% of its funding from public dollars, and explicitly targets veterans for their G.I. Bill benefits. The company spends more on recruitment than instruction at an almost 3-to-1 margin, and bears the distinction of a 63% dropout rate, well above the national average. As the past Chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, I find these actions deplorable and a blatant abuse of public dollars.”

    “My opponent, Nathan Fletcher, has publicly lauded Bridgepoint Education as a “success story,” and the company has responded in kind by donating close to 40,000 dollars to his campaign, including maximum donations from every member of Bridgepoint’s executive leadership. I find it hard to believe that as a veteran himself, Nathan can support an organization that is exploiting the benefits of our nation’s brave men and women.”

    As Mayor, I will ensure that there are no more special interests, and that the focus of city government remains committed to protecting our veterans and the honest working men and women of San Diego.””

  5. Stop the Presses. Nathan Fletcher has criticized a Democrat.

    His prior 1,000 attacks were against DeMaio, Dumanis, Krvaric , the California Republican Party, etc.

  6. Are you serious? Need I post a reminder?

    “Bridgepoint had, by far, the highest number of employees giving to the same candidate, and none of its employees gave to anyone but Fletcher, according to the disclosure forms. Included on the list of Bridgepoint givers are Chief Executive Officer Andrew Clark, eight vice presidents and five others who list their title as “executive.” The entire management team listed on Bridgepoint’s website each gave the maximum amount to Fletcher. …”

    I think it’s foolhardy, to say the least, to point attention to Bridgepoint Education. MAJOR supporters of Nathan Fletcher. This only lends credibility to Filner.

  7. This is EXACTLY the type of attack against Filner that needs to be happening…from the Party and other right-of-center third party sources.


  8. Bridgepoint should save its money for major issues they are going to face on Capitol Hill. Sounds like Congress is going to continue to review possible abuses of military veterans and active soldiers by Bridgepoint and other for profit schools.

    Any abuse of active military and/or Veterans is not acceptable.

    Here’s a little background if you’re not aware of the issue.

  9. D. Morton, these may or may not be the types of attacks that need to happen on Filner, but Fletcher is not the type of person that should be attacking Filner on it.

  10. Michael A. Schwartz: Ideally, such an attack would not come from any candidate, but from third parties.

    The SDGOP would be the ideal source of such an attack on the Dem candidate if it weren’t institutionally obsessed with making and (indignantly) defending bad endorsements.

  11. Bob Filner is laughing all the way to the polls. Nathan Fletcher is saying, “If I can’t win I will drag down the rest with me. My way or the highway.” Or is that the low way?

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