Close Race Update —– 99% counted —- Steve Rosen, Jill Galvez, Ron Nehring, and John Mullen enter The Winner’s Circle

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99   percent   completeWith 99% of all SD County ballots now counted, the “photo finish” race pictures are finally clearing up:

* Jill Galvez (6518) hangs on to a 20-vote lead v. Patricia Aguilar (6498) for the runoff spot in Chula Vista council seat # 2.

* Steve Rosen (11,310) KO’s SD school board incumbent Katherine Nakamura (11,003).

* Ron Nehring (14,805) appears to survive the challenge from Greg Stephens (14,706) in the 77th AD Rep. central committee contest.

* Still Undecided is the ultra-close three-county Rodeo between Juan Vargas (23,032) and Mary Salas (23,305) for the 40th state senate Demo nomination. Vargas leads by 809 in Imperial County, Salas by 928 in San Diego and 154 in Riverside. More votes still to be tabulated in the 40th.

* Finally, John Mullin (3049) edges Steve Vaus (2964) for a vacant Poway city council seat.


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  1. 2,000 votes to count countywide, or Republican votes in the 77th Assembly District?

  2. well, stephens is just 32 votes away from Ron Nehring at this time. With 1,000 votes left to count.

    we’re pulling for you stephens.

  3. Amazingly close. As has been stated, it’s how many of those 1,000 are Republican votes in the 77th to determine whether there are enough ballots left for Stephens to catch up. Anyone’s guess.

  4. I do not recall a time that so many race were this close. Does anyone know if that is a correct statement or not?

  5. Post


    The 77th AD includes 15% of San Diego County’s
    total registration (217,794 of 1,416,273 registered
    voters). …. FYI

  6. Congratulations to Steve Rosen!!!

    Our kids need his leadership and financial experience to get us through the next several years.

  7. Thanks, Jim. So, say an inordinate amount of the thou left to count are in the 77th, say 200, and Reps had a higher turnout (true), say 120 of those are Reps, and those votes get split among the dozen or so candidates, then what?

  8. In central committee elections, voters are allowed
    to pick up to SIX preferred candidates for office.

    Undoubtedly some Republicans will have voted
    for BOTH Ron Nehring and Greg Stephens in this
    contest. That complicates things a bit.

    So….my Crystal Ball is Cloudy.

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