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San Diego Republican Primary Voters Could Overcome Registration Gap

Is it the solar flare?

Nope, but could be the makings of the perfect storm for San Diego Republicans come June.

Recent polling from Competitive Edge Research & Communication** shows registered Republicans more enthusiastic to vote in June than Democrats.

Well, big whoop. We all expected that, right?

But according to the survey, the enthusiasm factor might be enough to overcome the Democratic voter registration advantage.

The latest voter registration numbers from a report run on March 1 by the San Diego County Registrar of Voters shows Democrats have a registration advantage of 76,521 over Republicans.

The combined Republican and Democratic voting populations account for 429,069 of the 626,807 total registered city voters. Leaves lots of breathing room for swing pick ups.

Could a moderate Republican edge out a Democrat in a hotly-contested race and push two Republicans to a runoff? Like, mayor perhaps?

What about the other races for city council and school board? Could some Republican candidates pull down 50-plus-one June victories?

Seems June gives Republicans the best odds to secure seats before the expected November Obama wave.

** Competitive Edge Research & Communication is a client of the author’s company, Galvanized Strategies.

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