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City Council is Forced to Put Pension Reform on June Ballot

Yesterday the San Diego City Council fulfilled its legal obligation to place the Comprehensive Pension Reform Ballot Measure on the June 2012 city election.

The CPR Ballot Measure is the centerpiece of my plan to fix the city’s financial problems.

Thanks to the hard work of thousands of San Diegans who helped collect a record-breaking 145,000 signatures, San Diegans will have a chance to vote directly on my proposal in the June election.

The CPR Ballot Measure will save taxpayers more than $2 billion by closing the existing costly pension system, shifting employees to 401(k) retirement accounts, and capping pensionable pay to end the costly abuse by city employees of “pension spiking.”

Unfortunately, the CPR Ballot Measure faces the strong opposition of the government employee labor unions.

Not surprisingly, the government employee unions do not want to give up these pension benefits – and they continue to defend the current pension system that allows current employees to retire as early as age 50 and permits city employees to receive pension payouts that are higher than the highest salaries they earned while working.

Put simply, we face an extraordinary battle in 2012 to get Pension Reform done!

We need volunteers to help us pass Comprehensive Pension Reform and send new leaders into City Hall to clean up the mess. Volunteer. Host a lawn sign. Contribute.

If you are interested in how you can play a role in the effort to reform City Hall in 2012, email me personally at

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