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City Beat Doesn’t Check It’s Facts

Regarding today’s Voice of San Diego blurb… CityBeat’s John Lamb’s incredibly lame excuse for printing an incorrect story. Yes, John, you should have put on your reading glasses. Sort of one of the normal obligations of the press when they decide to zing someone. All of us know you salivate wildly at any hint of negative news (or news you can make negative with a twist) about the Republican Party. Just slow down tiger. And is it really just impossible to retract without a nasty comment? Stay classy, progressive San Diego.

From Voice:

Not Close and No Cigar

Yesterday, the Morning Report linked to a CityBeat story that said the county Republican party had spent $800 on cigars last May. That’s incorrect, it turns out. The party’s chairman, Tony Kvaric, says the cigars were actually a donation.

What does CityBeat’s John Lamb, who wrote the story, have to say for himself? He blames himself but also zings the party’s disclosure paperwork…

Read the entire entry in Voice’s Morning Report.

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