CIS says illegal immigration deportation numbers over reported

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DC immigration think-tank, Center for Immigration Studies, released a new study today. The report concludes the current Department of Justice legal process used to query and deport illegal aliens or visa overstayers is ripe with flaws.

“Built to Fail: Deception and Disorder in America’s Immigration Courts,” details the inherent flaws immigration courts continue follow. Mark H. Metcalf, a former immigration judge, outlined the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) shortcomings in a 100-page report.

Metcalf contends DOJ’s erroneous statistical reporting leads to fewer deportations being executed, but perhaps more alarming, is the fact more than one million illegal aliens have been ordered to be removed from the U.S. yet they continue to live in America’s shadows.

Among Center for Immigration Studies findings:

• Very few aliens who file lawsuits to remain in the United States are deported, even though immigration courts – after years of litigation – order them removed.

• Deportation orders are rarely enforced, even against aliens who skip court or ignore orders to leave the United States.

• Aliens evade immigration courts more often than accused felons evade state courts. Unlike accused felons, aliens who skip court are rarely caught.

• From 1996 through 2009, the United States allowed 1.9 million aliens to remain free before trial and 770,000 of them – 40 percent of the total – vanished. Nearly one million deportation orders were issued to this group – 78 percent of these orders were handed down for court evasion.

• From 2002 through 2006 – in the shadow of 9/11 – 50 percent of all aliens free pending trial disappeared. Court numbers show 360,199 aliens out of 713,974 dodged court.

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