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Chula Vista race now Tied —– Jill Galvez 6,554….Patricia Aguilar 6,554….St. Anthony may be responsible

Just 1,000 more votes countywide were tabulated at the Registrar of Voters today (Tuesday) but that’s  enough to shake up results for Chula Vista council seat #2.

Aguilar added 56 votes to her total since yesterday, while the Galvez number rose 36 ballots. That puts them even at 6,554 votes. They are competing for a runoff spot against Larry Breitfelder, who is well ahead in 1st at 10,772 votes.

St. Anthony, patron of Lost Causes, is regarded by veteran observers as the moving factor whenever candidates stage miraculous comebacks.

Should the two candidates finish with identical numbers, the tie may be broken with a coin toss, cutting of cards, or other suitable method.

Hat Tip to Barry Jantz for the late-breaking info.

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