Chula Vista: McCann lawsuit details

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The U-T San Diego reported late last week that Chula Vista City Council candidate John McCann filed a defamation lawsuit against the San Diego Building and Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO for a campaign mailer falsely stating he was sentenced for a felony.

Earlier this year McCann was the lone remaining member of a Sweetwater Union High School District board of directors, after the others were all ousted due to criminal convictions or other legal problems. If his labor opponents tried to suggest he was part of the ousted rabble, McCann rightfully has a serious gripe, or much worse than a gripe.

Here are the details from the McCann campaign, including Thursday’s press release and a PDF of the actual lawsuit, a fascinating read.

Press Release

Council Candidate John McCann Files Lawsuit After Mailer Falsely States He Was “Sentenced for Felony”

 Chad Morgan files lawsuit for John McCann after Special Interest Committee defames candidate and brings campaign to a new low.

Chula Vista City Council Candidate John McCann’s attorney Chad Morgan files defamation lawsuit against special interest committee’s mailer filled with defamatory statements. John McCann was the subject of a defamatory campaign mailer that AFL-CIO published to thousands of Chula Vista voters on or about October 11, 2014. The mailer maliciously, deliberately and intentionally defames John McCann without any regard for the truth.

“The mailer’s Defamatory statements are false. John McCann has never been convicted or sentenced for a felony, never indicted for corruption, never pled guilty to a misdemeanor or felony and never served time in jail. The committee members knew the statements about John McCann were false and intentionally lied to defame John McCann. John McCann is an honorable man, Iraq War Veteran and has never even received a speeding ticket.” said Chad Morgan.

The lawsuit was filed at the downtown San Diego Court today.

“This mailer exemplifies what is wrong with politics today. The outright lies, negativity and abuse of elections are what turn good and honest people off to the democratic process. Citizens in Chula Vista deserves better and a positive civil debate.”

John McCann has been credited with cleaning up the Sweetwater School District by pulling election papers against and removing former School Board member Greg Sandoval now a convicted felon, terminating the prior superintendent who was later convicted of a felony, and voting for comprehensive campaign finance reform at the District. After the four other Sweetwater School Board members were removed for pleading guilty, four of the County School Board members were appointed to serve at Sweetwater. John McCann was later elected School Board President by the County School Board members.

Defamation filing


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