Chula Vista considers crash tax at meeting Tuesday, May 4

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First it was the North County Fire Protection District.  Then the San Miguel Fire Protection District got a lot of heat, but did it too. Now it’s the City of Chula Vista that wants to hit taxpayers with a double-whammy “crash tax” to cover the costs of responding to vehicular accidents.

The San Diego County Taxpayers Association was made wise to this item on Tuesday afternoon’s docket and quickly issued a statement denouncing the attempt.  Others will no doubt add their voices to the opposition, but don’t be too surprised if the measure passes.

Elected officials in nine states can’t rely on this tool to hit up taxpayers for more money without a vote because it’s ILLEGAL. But sadly, it’s perfectly OK in California.  So here we go again.

Sure, I understand that governments are hurting for funds. But I won’t give up another dime until I know for a fact every single thing possible has been done to try and avoid coming after me, from consolidation of services (like the cities of El Cajon, La Mesa, and Lemon Grove have done with fire administration), outsourcing and managed competition, to pension reform including asking employees such as firefighters to contribute more to their own retirement.

Chula Vista taxpayers have already said “no” to giving the City Council more money to spend in the form of a sales tax, which they defeated two to one in 2009.  But they don’t get a vote this time… at least, not on the measure. The only vote they’ll get to make is turning anyone who votes in favor of this money grab out of office later this year.


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  1. I’m very pleased to see SD County Taxpayers Assn come out against this latest attempt to levy taxes as “fees.” And I am PARTICULARLY delighted with the SPEED of the response to this slippery attempt to pass this measure “below the radar.”

    As a much bigger, more professional, more influential organization than our ragtag grassroots San Diego Tax Fighters, sometimes SDCTA’s speed of response can be limited. Not so here. Indeed, they beat us to the punch opposing this measure, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

    Full disclosure: I’m also an active member with the SDCTA, though not on the board (which makes the final decisions). And we could always use more fiscal conservatives as SDCTA members, and on the various committees.

  2. Kudos to SDCTA for catching Chula Vista trying to hide the ball and to Gayle for breaking the story. It’s flying like gangbusters now and the MSM has picked it up, thanks to some great work.

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  4. These city councils — like most city councils — are owned and operated by the labor unions. As such, they see the primary goal of city government to be the care and (over)feeding of city employees. All else is secondary — including providing public safety. Hence we see efforts to impose these sleazy “fees” on the citizenry.

    Understand, these officials DO care about providing the city services the citizens/voters need and desire. They just care MORE what the union bosses and their employees demand. It’s a matter of priorities.

    And let’s not forget that these city council critters — even the part-timers — have a stake in the benefits provided city employees. Usually the politicians get the same formulas — if not better (as is the case with the city of San Diego politicians).

    LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Most San Diego city council “retirees” can and do start drawing their pensions in their 30’s and 40’s — with a “penalty” which is all but nonexistent. Aside from active duty military, I know of no other outfit that provides this benefit. Kehoe, Vargas, Maienshein and other city ex-politicians doubtless are already drawing their city pensions.

    And, like all city employees with 10 years total city service, SD city politicians get FREE LIFETIME HEALTH CARE. And, of course, you know they get not one but TWO full city pensions, as do all city employees but the police and firefighters.

    The lesson? Get a city job!

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