Don’t Let the Media Start a Civil War

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The media frenzy surrounding Arizona’s immigration law is nothing less than the press inciting a civil war.

There is no shortage of hypothetical outcomes of the new law and these scenarios are repeated as if they are already “fact.” The new Arizona law does not take effect until the end of July, and no one has been stopped or questioned under this new law. The outcry from protesters in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Sacramento makes it seem like Arizona has violated some natural or constitutional law. Nothing can be farther from the truth. States have the right to govern and protect themselves and California has no moral authority to dog-pile on its stately neighbor.

Calls for city council resolutions, economic sanctions, boycotts, and protests are nothing more than grandstanding for the media. These will not deter the Arizona state legislature from doing what it is elected to do; protect its citizens from harm when the federal government fails to do its job.

The job of government is to protect its citizens. While states look to the federal government for help, it is irresponsible for states to ignore a crisis. California’s response to the new Arizona law is reckless and short sighted. When our next crisis occurs, manmade or natural, California will rely on our neighbors for help. Arizona has every right to tell us to head south, see how much help we can get from Mexico.


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  1. First our city council denounces Arizona, next is our school board. San Diego Unified will vote on Tuesday, May 11th, on a resolution warning school children to avoid visiting or spending time in Arizona because of unlawful acts committed by police. This is madness!!!

    It’s time for new leaders. Encumbents must go! The school board race is crucial, yet not talked about too much. Nakamura wants to raise our taxes and Beizer refuses to let us know what he really did before teaching for five years. When you look at his website, he gives the impression of a married man, yet is gay (not that there is anything wrong with that). I just don’t like the deception. He’s just another slimy politician that is working his way up the ladder. The other guy, Rosen, is anti-tax and a parent. He’s got my vote.

    Arizona has the right to do the job the Feds refuse to do!

  2. We need more leaders willing to stand up for what is right! Its unfortunate that our Governor joins in the rhetoric with our president, trying to lead a logical issue with emotions.

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