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  1. Great job tonight, Christine. I thought what you said about the Sacramento Bill machine was spot on. Congress keeps passing more and more legislation while the bills already passed go unenforced and agencies are mismanaged. Well done.

  2. Where was Bill Wells? I was under the impression he was takeing the race seriously… I know for a fact that his council meeting was over LONG before the debate began. Does he think he can win just because he got elected to the El Cajon City Council 18 months ago?

  3. Mike,

    Your attempt to criticize Wells for not showing up tonight is fair game and perhaps he does owe answer to why he didn’t participate.

    But to make the suggestion he is not taking the race seriously is laughable considering he has out raised Christine and Brian by tens of thousands of dollars in what has been publicly disclosed (not counting the 25k Christine lent herself or the other 21k Christine just gave herself) and all of the solid endorsements he has locked up.

    In regards to your question of, “does he think he can win because he got elected to the El Cajon City Council 18 months ago?” Im curious to know what you’re trying to get at here? He is serving El Cajon and a has very good reputation in his city as does Brian in Santee.

    The question I would pose to you is does Christine think she can get elected just because she was a staffer for state officials? This question is just as lacking in substance as yours.



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