Chris Reed unleashed!

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Chris Reed unleashed!

San Diego’s cognoscenti know that Chris Reed is a terrific political writer and commentator, with an emphasis on CA state and San Diego area matters. He describes himself as “libertarian lite,” which means his views often reflect my own (I’m a bit more strongly libertarian, but let’s not quibble here).

In his day job, Chris is an editorial writer for the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE. But as an employee, his job is to reflect the view of the paper — at least in his writings on the editorial page. An independent cuss, his personal views are at times at variance with the paper’s official positions.

In addition, until this month he also was the best local political radio talk show host, with a show on KOGO. That’s come to an end, which is tragic, IMNSHO. All the more tragic in that sometimes I was a guest — a delightful pastime.

But now he has a new outlet for his ministrations — his own unconstrained private blog site — It’s still a work in progress, but great fodder is already posted there for reading. I strongly recommend it to my fans — and even more strongly for my opponents.

Chris had “America’s Finest Blog” on the U-T website , but I presume economic constraints ended that run a while back, though the archives are still available at

With luck, we can now look forward to having a timely, uncensored version of his work online for all to read.

TECHIE NOTE: Apparently his site does not yet include an “RSS feed” like my blog offers. That’s the option where you are notified whenever a new item is posted — a worthwhile feature I use to follow quite a number of blogs and news services I find helpful. You might want to look into it for your own edification. Google is your friend in such matters.

For now, visit Sample the whine. It’s intended for discriminating palettes.


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