How changing your Facebook profile protects you from violent crime

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by Michael A. Schwartz

A guy named Ahmad (probably not a Baptist or a Lutheran) set off a bomb, almost killing people in a trendy metro area, while a Somali immigrant stabbed people while yelling “allah akbar” at a mall in middle America, only stopped by shots from the gun of a competitive, civilian, concealed-weapon-permit-holder.

The news won’t couch it this way. But that’s what happened.

Partial list of things that did not work to prevent these violent crimes:

  • Understanding that not all Muslims are extremists
  • Making sure that the law-abiding can’t access semi-automatic firearms
  • Background checks
  • Changing your Facebook profile picture to show support
  • Lax immigration policies for those coming from countries that want to kill Americans and have a history of doing so
  • Gun free zones
  • Letting everyone in your drum circle know that profiling is “racist”
  • Anything that Bill’s wife is proposing she’ll do to keep our country safe

Partial list of things that did work to stop one of the violent crimes from getting so much worse:

  • A trained, armed, civilian carrying a firearm outside of his home for personal protection and self-defense

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Schwartz is the Executive Director of San Diego County Gun Owners PAC


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